"The commitment to uplifting others is unparalleled and provides me with the inspiration to give, help and love in everything I do."

—Amanda B.

Love + Lift Drop Offs

Drop offs are made up of donated items and items purchased with money that has been donated to and/or raised by Love+Lift Inc.  The goods are then dropped off by community volunteers, increasing member interaction within our communities.  If you wish to donate to a specific "drop off" cause, please specify when donating.

Uplifting Drop Off: 

Anything from gift cards to flowers to wine to food and more

New Baby Drop Off: 

Baby goods such as diapers, wipes, formula, blankets, and clothing

New to the Area Drop Off: 

Gift cards to local shops and restaraunts and more


Fundraisers with Local Businesses

If you own or manage a business and would like to partner with us via a fundraising event, we will work with you to create a "custom cause" that speaks to what is important to your business and in line with our mission.


Medical Hardship Assistance

A program for those in our community dealing with an unexpected expense due to illness or injury.


“Sometimes it is hard to find a safe, supporting, uplifting place to turn. This is just that and so much more.”

— Kari H.


Who receives (and who decides who receives) Love + Lift items?

The donating party typically specifies during donation which program they would like their donation to support.  In the case where the donor has not expressly designated which cause their donation should benefit, a board review process determines priority causes.

know someone in need who could use Love + Lift? 

Please take a moment to nominate them for consideration by completing the below Love + Lift form: