Our Beginning

Love + Lift Inc. grew out of the Facebook KidsCycle pages in the Greater Milwaukee Area.  These Facebook pages still serve as the primary vehicle and online community where our mission is carried out. The original KidsCycle group was started in the Summer of 2014 in the Village of Shorewood with an initial purpose to create a buy/sell/trade page for families to recycle gently used kids' items.  It has evolved and inspired the creation of Love + Lift Inc.

A culture of kindness and selflessness

From the beginning, there was an emphasis on treating members with respect even if we disagreed with them.  The group was closely monitored and any negativity or drama was addressed quickly in a fair and direct manner.  A culture of kindness and selflessness was organically created.  This culture grew and grew to the point that Love & Lift Inc. was formed to help spread its mission.

Some now call it the "KidsCycle Tribe."  Some refer to us as "Cyclers."  We have become a community that takes care of each other.  We all have good intentions to help our fellow community members but don't always have a vehicle to easily turn these intentions into a reality.  Many acts of Love & Lift are carried out daily by our members, independently of our organization.  With the creation of Love & Lift Inc. we hope to give members another way to contribute to strengthening our community.

KidsCycle has slowly become so much to so many people.  Giving back to the members in your community is not a new concept... it is just highlighted and relentlessly encouraged in KidsCycle.  Gratitude is shown on these pages daily.  Judging others is simply not acceptable.  There is no room for negativity or tearing each other down on these pages. We simply Love & Lift.   

"A wonderfully inspired place of building community and sowing seeds of love + lift in a time when our society desperately needs the powers of love."

—Lia W.

The "Love Train"

A prime example of this was "The Love Train."  In February 2016 a Kidscycle member offered a free service/good to a lucky winner, and then another member did the same thing, and another, and another... and before we knew it the "Love Train" was rolling down the tracks. By the end of the month, there had been over 1,000 member giveaways!  This phenomenon was featured on local newscasts and was revitalized in February 2017.

A culture has been created where love feeds off love creating more beautiful in our lives. Ironically the "Cycle" in KidsCycle is also what makes Love & Lift work.  The cyclical manner in which the culture grows, feeding off of each other's kindness and selflessness is contagious and rewarding beyond words.  

Spreading the "Love + Lift"

The original Shorewood KidsCycle group was expanded to the entire Northshore and now has over 6,000 members buying, selling, trading, giving and... Loving + Lifting.  We estimate more than 20,000 "transactions" have occurred because of these pages... that's a lot of interaction!  In addition to this group, other KidsCycle groups have formed throughout the greater Milwaukee area. 

"Love, love love... there is not one single thing in our lives we have to face alone. This is a community of diverse support. Together we are one."

—Donna S.

These are just a few examples of KidsCycle items that have been shared by multiple families, whether it is through buying, selling, trading, giving or Loving + Lifting.