"The support of one another is phenomenal—the genuine concern unprecedented—the internal desire to give unfolds in each of us as we are immersed in each other's generosity."

—Allison J.


The Vision

To strengthen the bonds within our local communities by making it the societal norm to do something kind or selfless for no other reason than to lift someone else.


Our Story

Love + Lift Inc. grew out of the Facebook KidsCycle pages in the Greater Milwaukee Area.  These Facebook pages still serve as the primary vehicle and online community where our mission is carried out and have evolved and inspired the creation of Love + Lift Inc. Read more >>


Our Inspiration

Seeing members of our community reach new levels of happiness due to the connections they have made through our affiliated pages.  We have seen how positive relationships and connectivity empower individuals to build an inclusive, healthy, robust community.


The Formula

These are some of the key elements that drive our Love + Lift philosophy:

  • Giving back to our communities

  • Encouraging local support

  • Supporting community members

  • Accepting differences and championing a zero tolerance judgement policy

  • Exhibiting selflessness

  • Showing gratitude

  • Keeping it positive

  • Allowing the Love + Lift movement to evolve organically

Learn more about what Love + Lift has accomplished by reviewing our annual reports.  And don't forget to reach out to learn how you can help play a role in Inspiring Beautiful and Building Community!

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